Repair Credit Rating

There are steps you can take to improve your credit score or credit rating. The first, and simplest, is to check the files held by the credit reference agencies. Between them, Experian and Equifax carry out most of the credit reference searches in the UK. There is a simple procedure for asking for your details (see below). This is well worth doing, as mistakes do occur.

Assuming there are no mistakes on your credit file, the next step is to check that your other records are up to date. Most lenders are reluctant to grant credit to someone who is not on the listed on the electoral roll at their current address. The government recently changed the rules to allow rolling registration, so there is no need to wait to receive an electoral registration form.

Simple steps such as putting the phone line in the applicant's name and checking that all credit card companies and other lenders have your correct address can help. Beyond this, however, it becomes rather harder to improve your credit score.

Become credit active

According to Equifax credit agency, not having any credit contracts can affect your credit score. Lenders are looking for signs that you are capable of repaying money you have borrowed. So it's worth considering applying for a credit building credit card to establish or rebuild your credit history. Even if you pay off the balance in full at the end of every month, this will help you to accumulate a good track record of meeting your commitments. After a few months, assuming you manage your finances responsibly, your credit rating should improve.

This is where credit card companies who are less restrictive with who they offer a card to can help. There are some well established companies that will grant credit cards to people with a low credit score, and there is a (smaller) group that will lend to people with CCJs, or who have been bankrupt in the past. Companies such as Capital One and Vanquis will consider applications from people who are "credit impaired" and give people with opportunity to develop a positive credit history.

You can now check your credit report online.

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